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Oct 3, 2023
Franklin County (MA) News Archive
The Franklin County Publication Archive Index

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SunderlandPark - Sat, Aug 15, 2009, 9:01 P
John Lovell photography in Sunderland
In the end, John Lovell's photographic series "Views in Sunderland Park" came to number 76 stereoviews. Not all encompassed areas considered within the Park and some included houses and homes in Sunderland.

Lovell also had a smaller photographic set called the "Mount Toby Series" numbering 27 images if we go by the back listing. Some 'cross overs' occurred between the two series.
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stew - Thu, Dec 11, 2008, 12:29 P
Abbreviations, spacing and the like
Another most probably wrong decision I made in the past (What the heck - it’s the Holidays, prime time for guilt and soul searching) was the decision to NOT use spaces between letters when entering first name and middle initials. So, in the rest of the Western world, a Google search will result if you enter in "H S Shepardson" - no periods necessary. Since I was entering periods on this site, when I typed in H. S. Shepardson, it seemed to take up a lot of space. So instead I would enter H.S. Shepardson, no spaces. And that is how you will find the person searched for.

Probably the best way to find your ancestor is to enter simply Shepardson in the search box. Then, when the list of Shepardsons come up, you can either use your Find Command and search or by town name among the Shepardson hits. Once you find the correct initials, you can search by them alone - "H.S.". Don’t forget the periods. Or, once you discover that H. stands for Henry, enter Henry in the Find box, and find any instances of Henry among the Shepardson results.
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stew - Tue, Dec 9, 2008, 6:09 P
A rose by any other name..
Sigh...Seven years ago, I made the foolhardy decision that I would not need a separate subject heading for Flowers. How I have rued that decision every since. I think it was about the time that I decided that I would not have a separate subject heading for Weapons, and instead would include articles about guns under War, or Sports, or Accidents - wherever it appeared to fit. Well, my friends, flowers can be found under Farms and Farming. Just remember, spread that manure lightly!
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stew - Tue, Dec 9, 2008, 6:01 P
Gold and silver, watches and jewelry
The subject heading Jewelry has become a catch-all for a number of things. First it was watches. Then, as time wore on, and I began to see many articles about gold and silver, I also placed them in Jewelry, thinking, probably misguidedly, that all things of material value should be lumped together in one place. Of course gold mines are also listed under Mines and Mining, as are silver mines. Rethinking the whole deal, I should have had a separate subject heading for gold and silver, as well as one for time and watches. Live and learn, and mea culpa!
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stew - Sat, Dec 6, 2008, 11:17 A
Oceans, rivers and ponds, oh my!
Hope you all are enjoying the new posts! One word about bodies of water. When I first started the archive 7 years ago, the only subject headings I used were rivers and Connecticut River. Since then, of course, I have transcribed many articles concerning ponds, lakes, oceans, etc. With the exception of Lake Pleasant, which has its own subject heading, all of these bodies of water have been entered under the subject heading Rivers.

Related eccentricity: Water in general. When water is discussed for drinking, it gets the subject heading Beverages. It gets a little trickier however, when talking about water being piped into homes, etc., which is one of the advances made since 1870, when this archive begins. If it mentions a house, it is entered under Households. If it mentions where the water is being piped from, it is entered under Rivers. This whole issue needs to be revisited at some time in the future.
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mmuller - Sun, Dec 16, 2007, 5:56 P
Paper Mills
Interesting article on paper mills and their struggle with the declining demand for paper.


Note that Enron appears to be a major paper supplier.
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