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Jul 3, 2022
Franklin County (MA) News Archive
The Franklin County Publication Archive Index

New site member benefit!

Click on the forum link to see a new list of member-supplied family names, location and subjects of interest. If you become a site member, simply put the family names and subjects of interest in the box marked Personal or answer the question "Are you researching a specific person?"

That’s all there is to it. From then on, each time I’m deciding whether to type an article, I will check the list. If the name requested is on that list, I will type that article. And Mik is working on a way to notify each member every time an article is typed that includes your particular search terms. Life is good! Become a member today!

Heck, this is such important news that I will include the lists of names, locations and keywords here as well:

Names of interest

Ahearn; Atwood; Ball, Marietta; Barnard; Barton; Berthiaume; Bigelow; Black, John; Bliss Bonnette; Borbeau; Boyd; Bradford, Pelham; Burnham; Carroll family; Carter; Casey, John; Chenery Clark; Colby; Colle; Cook, Cooke; Cresser; Crittenden/Cruttenden;  Crossman; Crowley; Cuff Culver; Davey; Delvas, Delvys, Delvees; Donovan Dulude, Dalude; Ferris, Herbert; Field; Fiskes of Shelburne; Foley; Franklin; Frost; Gibbs; Goddard; Goodell; Graves; Griswold, Whiting; Guillow; Guinan; Gunn, Lyman O.; Haigis; Harvey; Hastings; Hathaway; Hennessey; Hood; Howard; Johnson; Kately; Kells; Kelley; Kelly; Knox; Langmaid; Lapage; Letwinski; Loveland; Lovell; Luey; Lyman; Maynard; Merrill; McKnight; Mink, Lucy; Moore; Mowry; Moylan; Murphy; Murray Newcomb; Newton; Nicholson; Nims; O’Hearn; Parmenter; Paynes; Peck, Rev. David; Pettibone; Phillips; Phillips, Israel, Sr.; Pingree; Pittsinger; Pratt; Purinton, Purrington; Putnam; Rice Rouse; Schau; Scruton; Schulda; Sebold; Shaw; Skinner; Southwick Stebbins; Stemple; Stone, Charles Pomeroy; Strong; Taylor; Temple; Towne; Trudeau; Tupper; Tuttle; Veber; Vincent; Webster White; Whitmore; Wood, Warren Judson; Woodward; Zschau

Locations of interest

Ashfield; Bridport Vt.; Charlemont; Fort Hill in Riverside Gill; Grave’s Ledge; Green River; Green River Cemetery; Franklin County, MA; Hampshire County, MA; Hardwick, MA; Hatfield, MA ; Heal All Brook in Riverside; Heath; Halifax, Vt.; Hoosac Tunnel; Keene N.H.; Leverett; Monroe; Mount Toby, Mt. Toby; Northfield; Petersham, MA; St. Albans, Vt.; Troy N.H.

Subjects, keywords, and tags of interest

52nd Mass. Regiment; Athletic competitions; Candlestick makers; Colonial history of Franklin County; Dressmaking; Early railroad history of Greenfield Fireman musters; Franklin County Democrats Picnic; French in Turners Falls; Haupt Bridge over the Green River; Irish; Masonic Lodge; Medical practice in Franklin Co.; Millers Falls Company; Native Americans; Pails; Peck Brother & co.; Photography in Sunderland; Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association; Poor farms; Railroads; Screwdrivers; Scythes; Shamrock Ball; Stage coaches; Taverns; Theater; Tobacco; Tools

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