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Sep 30, 2022
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Posted by stew - Mon, Dec 1, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 24, 1875

Dr. Wheeler's lectures furnished a fine entertainment to large audiences for 5 evenings. It is seldom our town is favored with a treat of this kind, so attractive and amusing, and yet so full of invaluable instruction. The Doctor's method is that of "object teaching", which renders his lectures especially interesting and useful to children and youth. He has spared no expenses in procuring apparatus for illustration and very few lecturers are as well equipped.

/ Many have declared that a look at his paintings, models and manikin is worth more than the cost of a full course ticket. The latter is a wonderful piece of mechanism which Mr. W. imported from France at an expense of from one to two thousand dollars. Any part or organ of the body, internal or external under consideration, can be taken from this quasi man and when returned seems as well as ever. While instruction is the chief end in these lectures, they are sufficiently well spiced with humorous anecdotes, amusing incidents and sharp and truthful points and hits to give them relish and insure good digestion.

/ Many useful and sensible hints are interspersed respecting diseases and their treatment. We understand the doctor will spend the summer in Leyden, and though being otherwise employed mostly, will do a limited amount of practice. He has several calls to deliver lectures in this vicinity, notwithstanding it is rather out of season.

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