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Dec 4, 2022
Franklin County (MA) News Archive
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Posted by stew - Sat, Feb 7, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, September 6, 1875
A domestic tragedy in Pennsylvania

The village of Silver Springs, Pa. has its domestic tragedy. Jerome Wilcox and his wife, neither of whom were better than they should be before or after marriage, after a year of wrangling separated a few months ago. The woman at once took up with another man, and was out walking with him late the other night, when Wilcox, who had learned of their intimacy, met them in the road, and drawing a knife stabbed his wife 5 or 6 times, inflicting probably fatal wounds, and then going a little further cut his own throat from ear to ear. The other fellow, at first sight of the knife, took to his heels, leaving the woman to the mercy of her enraged husband.

Subjects: Courtship, Crime, Criminals, Marriage and Elopement, Murder, Roads, Suicide, War / Weaponry, Women

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