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May 29, 2023
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Posted by stew - Mon, Dec 1, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, April 12, 1875
Probate Court record

Greenfield, April 6 - Administration granted - on estate of John Arms, Gill, Nelson Burrows, Adm'r.; Avery Clapp, Montague, William W. Thayer, Adm'r.; Jonathan H. Cary, New Salem, Daniel R. Streeter, Fitchburg, Adm'r.; A. Lovice Oakes, Orange, George E. Priest, Adm'r.; Mary Purple, Gill, Nelson Burrows, Adm'r.; Sarah Ann Rice, Buckland, Edwin Poulton, Adm'r.

/ Wills proved - Seorem Cushman, Bernardston, P.L. Cushman, Ex'r.; Cephas Clapp, Deerfield, Austin DeWolf, Greenfield, Ex'r.; Mary E. Giffen, Orange, Rachel Goddard, Ex'x.; Elizabeth C. Gray, Sunderland, John R. Smith, Ex'r.; Polly C. Howes, Ashfield, Mark H. Vincent, Hawley, Ex'r.; Urania D. Robinson, Sunderland, Horace Lyman, Ex'r.; Calvin T. Swan, Northfield, George B. Swan, Potsdam, N.Y., Ex'r.; Asaulah Sears, Ashfield, Edwin Sears, Ex'r.; Baron Stow, Conway, Henry W. Billings, Ex'r.

/ Guardians appointed - Charles W. Billings, Deerfield, over Fanny O. Beals, Conway; Oren Streeter, Shelburne, over Frank Loveland, Montague; Austin D. Sheldon, Northfield, over Abby J. Sheldon; David W. Snow, Coleraine, over Walter D. Thompson, Troy, Ohio; Nathaniel Lamson and Flora Lamson, Shelburne, over Emily E. Thompson; Thomas S. Dickinson, Conway, over Heroine Stow.

/ Accounts rendered - on estate of John Barnard and Leonard Harwood, Deerfield; Abner Chandler, Montague, James Dwyer, Leyden; Asa Dole and Caroline M. Hunter, Shelburne; Fanny Delvy, Warwick; Lawsop H. Donelson and Malinda Johnson, Coleraine; Henry Sheldon, Northfield; Caroline Temple, Orange.

/ License granted to sell real estate - of Nancy S. Abbott, Ashfield; Albert E. Barber, Coleraine; Alanson Chapin, Bernardston; George C. Gale, Charlemont; Leonard Harwood, Deerfield; Ephraim Murdock, Orange; James M. Reynolds, Erving.

/ Widow's allowance made - in estate of John Barnard, Deerfield, $49; James M. Reynolds, Erving, $375. Inventories filed - in estate of Jane H. Ames, Greenfield, $6616; Clarissa Battle, Orange, $4515; Amos Dexter, Erving, $1599; Caroline A. Morgan, Greenfield, $6769; John C. Peters, Deerfield, $636; Urania D. Robinson, Sunderland, $4046; David Scott, Whately, $9872; H.H. Taylor, Greenfield, $11,400; Octavia H. Warner, Sunderland, $1070.

/ Affidavits filed - in estate of Clarissa Battle, Orange; Albert Bullard, Wendell; Albert E. Barber, Coleraine; Allen Eason, Leyden; Timothy Graves, William Warner and Octavia H. Warner, Sunderland; Moses Underwood, Heath.

/ S.P. Stratton, C. Hilliard, S.G. Pratt, commissioners to partition estate of Azubah Stacy, late of Gill; Robert Abercrombie, Seth Field, Lyman G. Barton, Commissioners to partition estate of Aaron Fuller, late of Deerfield.

/ Estate of John Barnard, late of Deerfield, represented insolvent. Next Probate Court at Greenfield on the 1st Tues. of May.

Subjects: Ashfield (MA), Bernardston (MA), Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Erving (MA), Family, Gill (MA), Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, Massachusetts, Montague (MA), Mourning Customs, Names, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Obituaries, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA)

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