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Oct 3, 2023
Franklin County (MA) News Archive
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Posted by stew - Mon, Feb 9, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, September 6, 1875

Shelburne - Quite a little company were selected to witness the ceremony of marriage of Myron Dole to Miss Anna Wilkinson Wed. eve., Sept. 1, at the house of the officiating clergyman, the Rev. Mr. Marsh, the bride being a sort of adopted daughter of Mr. Marsh. The happy pair have gone on a bridal tour to the sea coast.

Subjects: Amusements, Households, Marriage and Elopement, Orphans and Orphanages, Religion, Rivers / Lakes / Oceans, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA), Vacations

Posted by stew - Sun, Feb 8, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, September 6, 1875

Conway - One of our family men experienced both a father’s and a mother’s solicitude the other day, losing his 3 children for the time being. He went away recently, and left his motherless ones alone. Coming home at night he found the house deserted. Search was made at all the neighbors without success. Returning about midnight, wearied and anxious and not a trace. Going to the barn, the boys were all found upon the hay mow fast asleep. Feeling lonely and it being warm, they had taken a blanket, spread it upon the soft new hay, and found sweet repose. Their father will know where to look next time.

Subjects: Child Abuse, Children, Conway (MA), Dreams / Sleep, Family, Farmers & Farming / Flowers, Households, Lost and Found, Orphans and Orphanages

Posted by stew - Sat, Feb 7, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, September 6, 1875
The Belchertown tragedy

Of course the death of Nettie Barrett, aged 17, by her own hand at Belchertown, and the narrow escape of her companion, Frances S. Bridgman, 14 years old, from a like fate, have created the profoundest sensation in that quiet community’, and the funeral of the former at the Methodist Church Sun. was largely attended. Indeed the whole affair is such a strangely sad one that there is a wide interest to learn all possible particulars concerning it.

The girls were bright and attractive, belonging to the higher village circles. Miss Barrett was sent to Belchertown last April by her mother, who lives at south Amherst, to continue her education, and was to have been examined for the High School Sat., and baptized Sun. in the Church which witnessed her burial; and Miss Bridgman, who had been her almost constant companion of late, was the adopted daughter of Calvin Bridgman.

Miss Barrett had the reputation of being a rather wild person, and the girls were in the habit of being out late nights. Miss Barrett was the leader, and her conduct had become so notorious that her guardian, Franklin Dickinson, had a serious talk with her Thurs. on her behavior. When she returned that eve., she remarked to Mrs. Daniel Packard, with whom she was stopping, that they "wouldn’t be troubled with her being out any more nights".

At 8 o’clock, she and Miss Bridgman - who had been secreted in the room - were observed by neighbors to leave the house. They procured the fatal morphine at the drug store of Mr. Barnes, the elder, a few days before, they had unsuccessfully undertaken to get the poison of the son, who refused to give it without a prescription. Mr. Barnes claims that he supposed it was for Calvin Bridgman. At what time and how the girls got into Packard’s house again is not known.

About half past 7 o’clock Fri. morning, Mrs. Owen, with whom Frances Bridgman was boarding during her parent’s absence, came over in the greatest alarm about her, saying that the night before the girl had left, after bidding them a tearful farewell. Mrs. Packard went immediately to the room and there the victims lay, one in a deadly stupor and the other writhing in terrible agony.

The bed was covered with candy, and Miss Bridgman explained that they had overeaten of this. Efforts were made to revive Miss Barrett, who refused to take anything but cold water, and then determinedly said "Go away, I want to sleep". When Mrs. Packard had left the room for help, Miss Bridgman hailed a little girl and threw down this note, written in a confused, uncertain hand, and unsigned:

"Mr. Barnes - will you be so kind as to send me as much chloroform as here is money enough, five cents’ worth?"

She threw down also two letters directed to George T. Slauter, Belchertown, and Wilbur F. Nichols, at Wilbraham Academy, bidding them farewell and asking them to act as bearers. Then followed an exciting scene in the little bedroom Poor Nettie Barrett was dying. Miss Bridgman confessed that they had taken the morphine, that the candy was only a ruse, that there had been scandalous stories in the town about them, that she did not wish ever to see her parents again, and hoped and expected to die.

She quietly watched her dying companion and waited for the expected chloroform. With the death of Miss Barrett however, came the desire to live, and she requested salt and water to enable her to vomit more.

The wonderful nerve and mingled frankness and cunning of these little misses as displayed during the whole affair, are brought out by the scenes immediately preceding the tragedy. Only 5 hours before they entered the little bed room, they gayly played croquet with some young people, holding in their hands the candy which they were to sprinkle on the bed.

Miss Bridgman wrote what she thought was her last letter to her father, in simple, affectionate, yet determined words. She would meet her parents in a world where there were no scandalous tongues, and where they could live in peace.

[Now don’t ask me how I got there, but I believe that Frances S. Bridgman is actually Emma Francis Bridgman, daughter of Franklin A. Bridgman, born in 1860].

Subjects: Amusements, Beverages, Children, Dreams / Sleep, Drug Abuse, Drugstores / Drugs, Economics, Education, Family, Food, Furniture, Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Households, Literature / Web Pages, Mourning Customs, Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, Poisoning, Religion, Rich People, Scandals, Suicide, Women, Words, Water

Posted by stew - Wed, Feb 4, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, August 30, 1875
Hampshire County items

Belchertown was excited Fri. over a very sad affair, two girls, each about 16 years old, attempting to kill themselves with morphine Thurs. night, one of them dying Fri. morning. They were Miss Frances S. Bridgman, an adopted daughter of Calvin Bridgman and Miss Nettie Barrett, only daughter of Mrs. Silas Barrett of South Amherst, who was stopping in town.

The girls, who had been together most of the time, got their morphine of Mr. Barnes, the druggist Thurs. eve., and took the dose the same night. Fortunately Miss Bridgman was taken with vomiting, and so recovered, but Miss Barrett died at half past ten o’clock the next day. The cause for the deed is not known as yet. Mr. and Mrs. Bridgman had been to the sea side, but were expected to return Fri. night.

Subjects: Children, Drug Abuse, Drugstores / Drugs, Family, Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, Rivers / Lakes / Oceans, Suicide, Vacations

Posted by stew - Mon, Jan 12, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, August 23, 1875
News about home: Greenfield items

An adopted home is wanted for a healthy boy baby, 3 months old. Apply to W.H. Seley.

Subjects: Advertising, Children, Greenfield (MA), Orphans and Orphanages

Posted by stew - Fri, Jan 2, 2009

Gazette & Courier - Monday, August 9, 1875

Visiting our cemetery the other eve., we were greatly impressed for the new graves within a year. Th past season has been sad, very sad to us. Who has not wept o'er some loved one fallen? Pure white tablets, monumental shafts, marble slabs, how thickly we are marking here and there o'er our made graves. Beautiful flowers, wreaths, yet watered with bitter tears speak to the soul of a grief not simulated but sincere. One of the most tastefully decorated here is the work of Mrs. Chandler Field; her husband and child's grave with other members of the household lying in the neatly laid out, and well cared for elegant home lot.

At one end is the grave of their bound boy taken from the Monson Almshouse, who died also with the diphtheria. Tender, kindly hand-robed the childish form laying him down gently with their own kindred dead, and we saw last night sweet, fresh flowers on his grave. Heaven's blessing will rest on those who care for the poor orphaned waifs of humanity.

Subjects: Cemeteries, Charity, Conway (MA), Family, Farmers & Farming / Flowers, Mourning Customs, Orphans and Orphanages

Posted by stew - Tue, Dec 30, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, August 9, 1875
Probate Court record

Greenfield, Aug. 3, 187 - Administration granted - on estate of Anna P. Alexander, late of Northfield, H. Alexander, Jr. of Springfield, Adm’r; Charles S. Brown, Greenfield, John J. Graves, Adm’r. de bonis non; Rufus S. Phillips, Greenfield, Sally Phillips and John P. Griswold of Greenfield, Adm’r.; Asa S. Ruddock, Buckland, Lee Baron D. Ruddock of Buckland, Adm’r.; Willard Ward, Orange; Asa A. Ward of Orange, Adm’r.

Wills proved - Martha S. Johnson, Coleraine, Morris Pierce of Coleraine, Ex’r.; Lyman Dickinson, Whately, Lyman M. Dickinson and Dennis Dickinson, Adm’rs. with will annexed; Baxter Harding, Conway, Mattie J. Harding of Conway, Ex’r.

Guardians appointed - Dennis Wilson, Coleraine, over Jennie V. Newell of Coleraine.

Accounts rendered - On estates of Philinda Bowman of Leverett, Chester Hinsdale of Monroe, Edward Jones of Leverett, Barnard Fisher of Warwick.

License granted - To sell real estate of Moses M. Huse of Leverett, Charles Pelton of Shelburne. Widow’s allowance - made in estate of Benjamin Tilton of Deerfield, $200.

Inventories filed - In estate of Hubert Morton, Shelburne, $872.78; Lyman Rice, Charlemont, $3129; Samuel R. Smith, Coleraine, $2658; Dexter Drake, Buckland, $18,051; Esther Dickinson, Deerfield, $72,271; Henry M. Fisk, Shelburne, $9858; Eli T. Green, Shelburne, $17,407.

Affidavits filed - In estate of Rebecca L. Burrows of Bernardston, George Childs of Leyden. Commissioners appointed - On insolvent estates of Charles S. Brown, Greenfield, R.A. Packard, R.W. Cook, Jonathan H. Cary, New Salem, R.D. Chase, Hiram Orcutt; Robert Richardson, Greenfield, Charles L. Lowell, F.G. Fessenden. Next Probate Court at Greenfield on the 1st Tues. of Sept.

Subjects: Bernardston (MA), Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Children, Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Family, Greenfield (MA), Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Law and Lawyers, Leverett (MA), Mourning Customs, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA), Warwick (MA), Whately (MA), Widows and Widowers, Leyden (MA)

Posted by stew - Sun, Dec 14, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, July 26, 1875
Franklin County tax payers

Greenfield - no. of polls, 927; in 1874, 929; valuation of personal property, 1875, $853,973; in 1874, $828,853; valuation of real estate, 1875, $1,969,665; in 1874, $1,954,790; total valuation, 1875, $2,823,638; in 1874, $2,783,653; rate, 1875, $14.50 per thousand; 1874, $13.50 per thousand.

The following is a list of persons who pay a tax of $25 and upwards, not including fire district tax, which will be about $3 on $1000.

Abell, George A., $41.15
Austin, Thomas N., $33.90
Adams, George C., $87.70
Adams, Peleg, $360.50
Adams, John A., $85.52
Amidon, J.H., $26.65
Avery estate, $30.45
Allen, William H., $89
Allen, F.R., $89
Allen, S’s Sons, $304.50
Allen, George A., $44.05
Allen, Quintas, $83.20
Allen, John S. & Son, $44.82
Arms, George A., $413.80
Arms, Elihu G., $46.95
Aiken, David, $65.80
Ames, James M., $129.75
Ames, James M., trustee, $87
Ames, George, $33.90
Alexander, A.A., $38.83

Bryant, Chauncey, $29.53
Black, Nathaniel, $25.64
Breck, S.P. & son, $71.60
Browning, Anson, $46.95
Briggs, Samuel, $38.98
Breen, John, $36.80
Blake, E.B., $31
Bryant & Miner, $43.50
Brackett, H.W., $31.36
Brown, Harriet, estate, no amount listed
Bouker, Henry, $35.35
Beals, Joseph, $68.70
Bascom, Abner N., $46.59
Bascom, Chester A., $52.67
Billings, Henry F., $60.20
Bullard, A.C., $71
Bullard, Willard, $62.51
Bullard, Silas, $88.28
Barney, Edward, $109
Briggs, Henry D., $33.10
Barton, Lyman G., $183.44
Ballou, Perley & sons, $123.81
Bass, O.H., $39 (I’m rounding off the cents from hereon in)
Burnham, F.L., $28
Bird, Julia, $145
Benton, Edward, $93
Butler, Calvin L., $52
Bangs, J.C., $44

Colle, Mary, $58
Coombs, Mrs. Walter, $114
Carll, J.L., $38
Chapin, Caleb, $45
Chapin, John, $34
Chapin, Julius E., $58
Chapin, David G., $45
Cushman, Mrs. H.W., $50
Chapman, Matthew, $171
Chapman, Frank R., $74
Cohn, Charles, $31
Comstock, W.O., $67
Conant, C.C., $60
Clark, A.S., $40
Childs, M.M., $68
Carpenter, Ira, $61
Coller, D.F., $48
Cook, R.W., $82
Clapp, Mrs. Anna C., $37
Clapp, Frederick, $62
Clapp, H.W. estate, $307
Conn. RR Co., $261
Cong’l. Society, 2nd, $47
Cleveland, Edward, $31

Deane, Alice & sister, $87
Deane, Dr. A.C., $102
Deane, & Wright, $29
Deane, Daniel L., $35
Day, William J., $36
Dodge, Charles F., $45
Davis, W.T., $132
Davis, Henry J., $43
Draper, W.W., $35
Daniels, W.C., $31
Doolittle, George, $729
Dunkley, Edward, $28
DeWolf, Austin, $96
Dwyer, John, $25

Eddy, George S., $80
Embury, H.C., $28
Eagan, Jerry, $33
Elliot, William, $48
Eastman, S.S., $105
Eastman, S.S. & Co., $131
Episcopal Society, $65

Farrell, Lewis, $36
Fisk, Dr. Charles L., $53
Fitzgerald, P.M., $60
Fitzgerald, John, $70
Field, F.E., $31
Farnsworth & Persons, $30
Field, Albert A., $29
Field, Charles R., $183
Field, & Hall, $29
Forbes, William A., $119
Fuller, Mrs. H.M., $36
Frary, George W. $115
Forbes & Foster, $6
Fellows, M.S., $78
Felton, J.P., $99
Field, Mrs. A.R., $75
First National Bank, $174 (had Nirst)
Franklin County National Bank, $362

Grennell, George, $212 (also seen as Grinnell)
Graves, John J., $45
Graves, Luther L., $35
Graves, Mrs. J.M., $31
Graves, Alonzo, $89
Gascouigne, J.F., $49
Griswold, W., estate, $40
Griswold, Duloie, g’d’n, $108
Griswold J.F., $83
Gunn, Levi J., $66
Greenfield Tool Co., $420

Henry, Benjamin, $45
Henry, Nathan F., $130
Henry, Charles, $35
Henry, & Smead, $38
Hagar, F.S., $67
Haskell, C.C., $28
Hunter, David, $45
Harris, H.C., $31
Haywood, L.M., $31
Hosmer, F.J., guardian, $62
Haywood, Mrs. G.P., $78
Horr, John, $42
Holcomb, Alfred, $29
Hall, E.A., $32
Hall, S.W., $75
Howland, Rufus, $183
Hall, T.V., $30
Hollister, J.H., $375
Hovey, Dr. Daniel, estate, $224
Hovey, George H., $425
HItchcock, A.C., $31
Hawks, Frederick, $57
Handforth, Henry, $50
Hull, A.N., $41

Jackson, Andrew, $31
Jackson, Mrs. O.M., $56
Joslyn & Kimball, $101
Jones, O.M., $30
Jones, Ed J., $144
Jones, Dennis W., $64

Kennedy, John, $33
Kelliher, Dennis, $36
Kellogg, Bela, $56
Kellogg, Bela & Co., $48
Keith, Charles, $88
Keuran, H.E., $73
Keith, William, $141
Kelley, F.B. & F.S., $85

Lamb, J.H., $48
Lamb, Samuel O., $93
Lamb, Samuel O., agent, $29
Lamb, Samuel O., Ex’r., J. Miles estate, $92
Lamb, Samuel O., Ex’r., F.B. Russell, $203
Lamb, Samuel O., Treasurer, Greenfield Gas Co., $174
Lawrence, Royal, $31
Loomis, Rev. A.G., $64
Leonard, Mrs. Theo, $91
Lyons, J.L., $210
Lyons, David, $26
Lyons, Samuel J., $33
Lyons, Charles D., $26
Long, Lemuel H., $60
Leavitt, Miss Mary, $65
Lowell, Charles R., $60
Leighton, C.W., $54
Leonard, Horatio, $29
Lander, Ben D., $29
Lyman, E.E., $44
Larrabee, Eber X., $91

Moody, Mrs. Fannie, $36
Miller, J.W., $60
Miller, H.L., $64
McClure, Manly, $68
Murdock, Charles A., $26
Merriam, E.D., $74
McFarland, John, $67
Miner, A.G., $48
Moore, Mrs. Oramel, estate, $43
Moore & Withey, $73
Moore, J.W. & Son, $101
McClellan, C.H., $118
Maxwell, S.S., $76
Methodist Society, $58
Maynard, Gilbert, $35
Moors, John F., $73
Munn, Charles H., $52
Martin, Frank E., $53
Munson, J.M., $252
Martindale, P.D., $122
Megrath, A.W., $52

Nash, Lyman & Son, $114
Noyes, B.B., $29
Noyes, B.B. & Co., $100
Nichols, John, $32
Newhall, Albert, $29
Newhall, Mrs. Mary, $58
Newton, James, $285
Newton, Joseph D., $133
Newton, John S., $113
Newton, H.C. & son, $97
Newton, Seth, $64
Nims, Lucius & Son, $224
Nims, Charles T., $95
Nims, William M., $82
Nash, E.Q., $142

Owen, Euclid, $129
Osgood, J.W.D., $163
Osbon, E.H., $29
Osterhout, John, $55
Osgood, E. and son, $53

Parker, Alonzo, $118
Parker, B.S., $54
Phillips, Simeon, $33
Phelps, John C., $31
Phillips, Rufus, $64
Phillips, N.P. & Son, $52
Potter & Stearns, $27
Potter, George W., $130
Potter & Nash, $161
Potter, William, $133
Potter, Warren J., $100
Pierce, George, $32
Pierce, George Jr., $38
Pierce & Austin, $68
Pierce & Co., $54
Pierce, J.J. & Sons, $233
Pierce, J.J. & Others, $87
Pratt, F.J., $93
Pratt, Stephen L., $41
Payne, H.B. & S.W., $95
Prichard, R.S., $28
Porter, James, $57
Porter, Pliny, $27
Parmenter, E.A., $116
Prentiss, H.H., $29
Phelps, Ansel estate, $389
Packard, R.A., $89
Pine, William, $42
Pond, Mary, $410
Pond, Frank A., $63
Pierce, M.R. & N.G., $44
Pierce, M.R., $33
Pierce, N.G., $29
Pickett, Job G., $48
Potter, E. Turner, $77

Richardson, J.J., $129
Richardson, J.B., $45
Richmond, Charles, $39
Reed, Charles N., $39
Root, Spencer B., $229
Root, W.F., $91
Root, T.D. estate, $63
Russell, J., estate, $488
Russell, Nathaniel E., $413
Rice, Mrs. L.W., $29
Robinson, James, $31
Reed, Kate & H., $36
Rowley, Joseph Jr., $28
Ripley, Thomas H., $31
Riley, Samuel, $36
Riddell, J.W., $218
Root, Cephas estate, $34
Russell, John, $57

Simons, D.S., $438
Sheldon, Henry, $28
Sheldon, John, $38
Spear, Daniel W., $112
Sauter, Gotleib, $70
Sprague, Peter T., $31
Smead, William M., $74
Smead, William, $50
Smead, Charles L., $94
Smead, S.A., estate, $105
Sawtell, Lyman, $25
Shaw, D.G., $42
Spring, J.C., $45
Stratton, E.A., $35
Stratton, C.M., $60
Strecker, Edward, $168
Sparhawk, Mrs. L.B., $36
Stone, L.H., $45
Stearns, John H., $33
Stones, Mrs. H. & A., $37
Stevens, Mrs. H., $65
Stimpson, W.A., $28
Seward & Willard, $116
Sammis, D.L., $120
Severance, Dr. W.S., $69
Severance, P.P., $144
Sessler, Jacob, $34
Stickney, William, $78
Sanderson, J.S., $123
Snow, Barnabas, $54
Snow, Newell, $67
Snow & Felton, $58
Slate, S.B., $69
Sawyer, Benjamin, $28
Smith, L.T., $44
Smith, Elijah W., $69
Smith, F.G., $72
Smith, Preserved, $52
Shattuck, S.L., $121
Shattuck & Co., $108
Smead, C.W., $72
Salisbury, George E., $54

Thompson, J.W., $26
Thompson, F.M., $41
Tyler, C.H., $28
Tyler, Major H., $46
Tyler, H.H., $52
Traver, Phillip, $60
Thayer, A.T. estate, $34

Washburn, W.B., $509
Woods, Hopkins, $53
Wells, Frank, $35
Wells, Edward, $25
Woodard, Mrs. E.G., $47
Woodard, H.G., $133
Wilson, Joel, $212
Wilby, George, $26
Williams, G.D., $41
Williams, G.D., trustee, $104
Wade, T.S., $74
Wade & Corbett, $36
Wiley, Robert, $103
Wiley, Solon L., $103
Wiley, Oren, $95
Womersley, Dr. T., $41
Wait, Thomas, $104
Wait, Lyman J., $31
Wise, Willard A., $27
Walker, Dr. A.C., $78
Wells, N.S., $52
Wells, C.B., $42
Wise, William M., $102
Wright, A.H., $125
Wiliams, Misses, $36
Ward, Mrs. E.V., $87
Ward, Mrs. E.V., guardian, $58
Wheeler, S.S., $54
Wunsch, William, $96
Wood, Seth, $39
Warner, A.K., $52
Warner Mfg. Co., $73
Zeiner, John L., $28


Adams, Amos, Montague, $116
Botsford, Mrs. Lizzie A., Boston, $145
Bardwell, O.O., Shelburne, $26
Conant, Mrs. S.T., Newark, N.J., $40
Couillard, Henry, Shelburne, $43
Coleman, Matthew, Springfield, $40
Dickinson, Caleb, estate, Hatfield, $33
Fisk, D.O., Shelburne, $60
Goss, R.L., Montague, $79
Hopkins, W.S.B., Worcester, $58
Hale, Israel P., Bernardston, $31
Long, Alanson, Boston, $51
Merriam, Charles, Springfield, $72
Pierce, Samuel R., Turners Falls, $53
Schwartz, Louis B., Boston, $166
Sage, O.W., Cazenovia, N.Y., $28
Sanborn, W.H., New Haven, $268
Smith Charities, Northampton, $1700
Slate, Charles, Shelburne, $34
Sanderson, John, Bernardston, $72
Thompson, Charles, Conn., $31
Temple, Philo, Deerfield, $27
Todd, Cynthia, Leyden, $27
Turners Falls Company, $290
Wells, D. & H., Shelburne, $53
Williams, Bishop, Boston, $29.

Subjects: Bernardston (MA), Boston (MA), Business Enterprises, Businesspeople, Charity, Connecticut, Connecticut River, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Family, Fires, Government, Greenfield (MA), Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Massachusetts, Medical Personnel, Montague (MA), Names, Natural Resources, Orphans and Orphanages, Religion, Rich People, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA), Stores, Retail, Sunderland (MA)

Posted by stew - Mon, Dec 8, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, July 12, 1875
Probate Court Record

Greenfield, July 6, 1875. Administration granted - on estate of Dexter Drake, late of Buckland, Almon Howes of Ashfield, Adm’r.; Anna Fisk, Shelburne, Daniel Fisk of Shelburne Adm’r.; Laura E. gleason,Charlemont, Elza R. Gleason, Adm’r.; Eli T. Greene, Shelburne, Mary E. Greene and Rawson S. Streeter of Shelburne, Adm’rs.; Walter Guilford, Conway, D.T. Vining, Adm’r. with will annexed; Mary Glazier, Leverett, Loana Huse of Leverett, Adm’r.; Sarah H. Putnam, Greenfield, W.C. Bryant, Adm’r.; Mary P. Rugg, Montague, Joseph Humphrey of Keene, N.H., Adm’r.; Samuel R. Smith, Coleraine, Joseph B. Clark of Coleraine, Adm’r.; Maria Scott of Whately, Adm’r.; Charles Smith, Deerfield, Dwight Smith, Adm’r.

Wills proved - of Esther Dickinson, late of Deerfield, Virgil M. Howard of Athol, Ex’r.; Angeline S. Farnsworth, Charlemont, Jonas K. Patch of Shelburne, Ex’r.; Charles J. Sherwood, Leverett, Adaline L. Sherwood and Charles B. Sherwood of Leverett, Ex’r.

Guardians appointed - Lydia E. Damon of Ashfield over her own minor children of Ashfield; O.F. Hale of Gill over Achsah Hayden of Gill; Frederick G. Howes of Ashfield over his own minor children.

Accounts rendered - on estates of Alice L. Aldrich of Conway; Perry Bryant’s heirs of New Salem; Ebenezer Morton of Deerfield; Elizabeth Meyers of Shelburne; Andrew Wissman of Shelburne; John N. Sweet of Shelburne; E.E. Robinson of Sunderland, Ex’rs. private account.

License granted to sell real estate - of Jason Phinney of Orange. Widows’ allowance - Made in estates of Moses M. Huse, Leverett, $108; Baron Stow, Conway, $400.

Inventories filed - In estates of Harriet M. Brown, Greenfield, $1983; Dr. David Bradford, Montague, $3231; Laurana B. Bradford, Montague, $11,219; Lucius H. Graves, Charlemont, $213; Polly C. Howes, Ashfield, $3436; Charles Pelton, Shelburne, $2702; Calvin T. Swan, Northfield, $2003; Charles J. Sherwood, Leverett, $3427; Amasa Taylor, New Salem, $4060; Caroline Williams, Deerfield, $5864.

Affidavits filed - in estates of Dr. David Bradford, Montague; Laurania [i.e. Laurana B. Bradford], Montague; Mary E. Griffin, Orange; Lyman Rice, Charlemont; Calvin T. Swan, Northfield; Amasa Taylor, New Salem.

Estate of E.E. Robinson, late of Sunderland, rendered insolvent - L. Merriam, G.D. Williams, L.W. Fairchild, commissioners.

Levi N. Chamberlin of Orange adopted Mary Moore - name changed to Bertha Augusta Chamberlin. Noah Rankin of Erving was removed as Administrator of the estate of Susan Gould, late of Erving. Commissioner’s report in estate of Stephen Shepardson filed June 11th. Next Probate Court at Greenfield on the first Tues. of August.

Subjects: Ashfield (MA), Athol (MA), Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Children, Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Erving (MA), Gill (MA), Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, Leverett (MA), Medical Personnel, Montague (MA), Mourning Customs, Names, New Hampshire, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, July 5, 1875
Horrible case of wife murder at Boston

Richard F. Lyman, a printer, 29 years old, living on Nashua Street, Boston, stabbed his wife in the abdomen during a drunken quarrel Sun. night, causing injuries from which she died soon after. Several of the stabs were so long and deep that her intestines protruded from the wounds, and when found she was actually holding them in her hands. Lyman fought like a tiger before he would permit himself to be arrested, and during the struggle, either accidentally or on purpose, gave his wife who lay upon the floor weltering in blood, a kick which was of itself sufficient to cause death.

Before her death Mrs. Lyman said that her husband probably struck her with a razor, as he had "had one in his hand" a short time before. But whatever the weapon was it had been carefully concealed, a thorough search of the premises failing to reveal any razor or knife with blood upon it. Mrs. Lyman was 25 years old and leaves two children, one of whom was adopted.

Subjects: Animals / Reptiles, Boston (MA), Crime, Criminals, Drunkenness, Murder, Orphans and Orphanages, Police, Roads, Wife Abuse, Women

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, July 5, 1875

At a recent bullfight in Madrid 8 bulls, 12 horses and 2 men were killed. A singular circumstance connected with this affair is that it was organized for the benefit of a society for assisting widows and orphans.

Subjects: Accident Victims, Accidents, Animals / Reptiles, Charity, Contests, Orphans and Orphanages, Sports, Widows and Widowers, Europe

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, June 21, 1875
News about home: Greenfield items

It is an interesting fact that the blood of Generals Warren and Putnam unites in the present generation. Gen. Warren's wife died before him, and at his death his four children were left orphans. Only one of these survived, the mother of Joseph Warren Newcomb, who was born in Greenfield, married here, and died last Autumn, leaving two children, great-grandchildren of Gen. Warren. Of these a son and daughter, the latter married an eminent Boston doctor and is still living in that city; the former married at Hartford, Conn., a lineal descendant of General Israel Putnam of the same generation, and died some time ago, leaving one child. This boy, Warren Putnam Newcomb, 16 years old, is now a student in the Hartford High School, the only living male descendant of Gen. Warren and the great great grandson of the revolutionary heroes whose name he bears.

Subjects: Births, Boston (MA), Connecticut, Emigration and Immigration, Family, Greenfield (MA), History, Marriage and Elopement, Medical Personnel, Names, Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, War / Weaponry, Women

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, June 21, 1875
News about home: Greenfield items

Judge Conant has decided to appoint Henry G. Nims guardian of the minor child of the late P. May Buddington.

Subjects: Children, Courts, Greenfield (MA), Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, June 21, 1875
Probate Court record

Orange, June 15, 1875 - Administration granted - on estates of Lucius H. Graves, Charlemont, Lydia Graves of Charlemont Adm'x.; Cyrena Ruggles, New Salem, Samuel Ruggles and John L. Williams, Adm'rs. with will annexed. Guardians appointed - Henry G. Nims of Greenfield over Thomas Nims Buddington of Greenfield. Accounts rendered - on estates of Josiah Brown of Deerfield, Hezekiah Stratton of Northfield, Wilbur White of Charlemont.

/ License granted to sell real estate - of Sarah Ann Rice of Buckland, Zephaniah Richmond of Buckland. Inventories, etc. - in estates of Frank S. Foskett, Orange, minor, $345.50; Alden Reynolds, Orange, $3887; Samuel O. Ruggles, New Salem, $1974; David Nelson, Coleraine, $4561; A. Lovice Oaks, Orange, $163. Affidavits filed - in estate of Samuel O. Ruggles, New Salem. B.W. Fay, Amos Ellis and A.F. Haskell were appointed Commissioners to partition the estate of Jason Wilbur, late of New Salem. Next Probate Court at Greenfield on the 1st Tues. of July.

Subjects: Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Children, Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Obituaries, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, June 14, 1875
News about home: Greenfield items

There was a hearing before Judge Conant last week, on the appointment of a guardian over the minor child of the late P. May Buddington. The relatives on the paternal side petitioned for the appointment of Stillman Rice of Gloucester, whose wife is the boy's aunt, while the mother's connections petitioned for the appointment of Henry G. Nims. Witnesses were examined and arguments made by Judge Aiken in favor of the former party and S.O. Lamb for the latter. The decision was reserved until the court at Orange tomorrow.

Subjects: Children, Courts, Family, Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, Massachusetts, Obituaries, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, June 7, 1875
Probate Court record

Greenfield - Administration granted - on estate of Dr. David Bradford, Montague, L. Merriam, Greenfield, Adm'r. with the will annexed; David Nelson, Coleraine, S.B. Slate, Greenfield, Adm'r. Wills proved - P. May Buddington, Greenfield, Charles T. Nims, Greenfield, Ex'r.; George Childs, Leyden, Elvira L. Childs and P.T. Darling Jr., Leyden, Ex'r.; Sarah A. Stone, Whately, Thomas Sanderson, Whately, Ex'r.; Caroline Williams, Deerfield, George Wright and Hannah B. Jenks, Deerfield, Ex'rs.

/ Accounts rendered - on estate of Benjamin Davis, Montague, Ira Payne, Montague, Samuel W. Graves, Leyden, Sylvester Sears, Rowe, Achsah Hayden, Gill, S.P. Wells, Deerfield, A.M. Kingman, Deerfield.

/ License granted to sell real estate - of Eugene Y. Bixby, Sunderland, David Scott, Whately, Lucy Webster, Northfield. Widows' allowance - Made in estate of Eugene Y. Bixby, Sunderland, $125; Mortimer Potter, Deerfield, $97.25; Ephraim E. Robinson, Sunderland, $500. Inventories filed - in estate of Lewis L. Hicks, Greenfield, $852, Clinton S. Holton, Northfield, $1212; Mortimer Potter, Deerfield, $1097. Affidavits filed - in estate of Lewis L. Hicks, Greenfield, Clinton S. Holton, Northfield, Mortimer Potter, Deerfield, E.E. Robinson, Sunderland. Andrew J. Bond, Buckland, adopted Etta E. Parker, name changed to Bond. Name of John McCarty, Northfield, changed to John Barber. Next Probate Court at Orange on the 3rd Tues. of June.

Subjects: Buckland (MA), Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Gill (MA), Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, Medical Personnel, Montague (MA), Mourning Customs, Names, Northfield (MA), Obituaries, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales, Whately (MA), Widows and Widowers, Leyden (MA), Rowe (MA)

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 31, 1875
News of the week

Amos Forbes of Rochester, N.Y., known as "Chicken Forbes", a notorious character, in running from his house to escape arrest for beating his wife Sun. morning, fell dead from the bursting of a blood vessel before he had gone 15 yards. He gave his wife a parting blow as he rushed out of the door.

Subjects: Birds, Crime, Criminals, Diseases, Households, Marriage and Elopement, Names, Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, Wife Abuse, Women

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 24, 1875
Probate Court record

Conway. Administration granted - on estate of Henry Guilford, Ashfield, Walter Guilford of Ashfield, Adm'r.; Mehitable Howes, Ashfield, Henry A. Howes of Ashfield, Adm'r. Wills proved - Daniel Howes, Ashfield, Henry A. Howes of Ashfield, Ex'r. Guardians appointed - H.S. Ranney of Ashfield over Arthur C. Guilford of Ashfield; Mary Hilton of Coleraine over her minor children; Joel Burt of Sunderland over Charles W. Robinson of Sunderland; Henry J. Graves of Sunderland over George W. Robinson of Sunderland.

/ Widow's allowance - Made in estate of Francis Boyden, Conway, $800; Israel G. Boyden, Conway, $800. Inventory filed - in estate of Baron Stowe, Conway, partial, $6570.79. Affidavits filed - in estate of Clara E. Hopkins, Conway; Polly C. Howes, Ashfield; Sarah Ann Rice, Buckland; Baron Stowe, Conway. Report of administrators in estate of Timothy Whitney, late of Greenfield, filed. Next Probate court at Shelburne Falls on the 4th Tues. of May.

Subjects: Ashfield (MA), Bernardston (MA), Children, Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Economics, Family, Greenfield (MA), Mourning Customs, Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA), Sunderland (MA), Widows and Widowers, Women

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 17, 1875

William Stowe has lost a young hen, reared under peculiar circumstances, being adopted by a cat, the family tabby, and reared with her kittens, sharing with them alike as far as possible. In suspected danger carrying it in her mouth, to the great alarm of the household. Pussy knew best, always put it down unhurt, watching it carefully, lying near it as it scratched or rolled in the sand. Seeming ever proud of her charge.

Subjects: Animals / Reptiles, Birds, Conway (MA), Curiosities and Wonders, Family, Orphans and Orphanages

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 17, 1875
There is an average of 5 "lost children" picked up every day in the streets of Paris

There is an average of 5 "lost children" picked up every day in the streets of Paris, and the larger number of them are purposely abandoned.

Subjects: Birth Control, Children, French, Lost and Found, Orphans and Orphanages, Roads

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 10, 1875
Probate Court record

Greenfield, May 4, 1875. Administration granted - On estates of Henry M. Fisk, late of Shelburne, Ellen N. Fisk and Isaac T. Fisk of Shelburne, Adm'rs.; Alban Hill, Shutesbury, John H. Bacon, Shutesbury, Adm'r.;David Nelson, Coleraine, Henry G. Nims, Greenfield, Adm'r.; Lizzie Potter, Greenfield, Henry A. Potter, Greenfield, Adm'r.; William Pike, New Salem, Lyman Wilder, Montague, Adm'r.; Lyman Rice, Charlemont, John A. Winslow, Charlemont, special Adm'r.; John Reynolds, Leverett, Mary Reynolds, Leverett, Adm'r.; Zephania Richmond, Buckland, L.A. Richmond, Buckland, Adm'r.; William Stow, Conway, William Stow of Conway, Adm'r. with will annexed.

/ Wills proved - Harriet M. Brown, late of Greenfield, John J. Graves of Greenfield, Ex.; Moses Field, Leverett, George E. Field, Leverett, Ex.; Lewis L. Hicks, Greenfield, Anson K. Warner, Greenfield, Ex.; Samuel O. Ruggles, New Salem, Samuel Ruggles and John I. Williams, Ex.; Ephraim E. Robinson, Sunderland, Albert Montague, Sunderland, Ex.

/ Guardians appointed - Amos E. Emery, Orange over minor children of Levi Ballou, late of Orange; Linda W. Greenough, Deerfield, over Clara M. Greenough, Deerfield; Luther Dudley of Leverett over minor children of George Hunt, late of Leverett; Jacob Perkins of Montague over his own minor children, Montague; H.H. Mayhew, Charlemont, over Emory Rice, Charlemont; Albert Montague, Sunderland, over Edward L. Robinson, Sunderland; Fannie W. Scott, Whately, over Idalette L. Scott and Annie E. Scott, Whately.

/ Accounts resolved - on estates of George A. Bates, Gill, Rhoda Barber, Bernardston, David M. Bryant, Deerfield, Erastus S. Clapp, Montague, Harriet L.B. Harrington, Rowe, Sarah Hawks, Deerfield, George H. Williams, Deerfield.

/ License granted - to sell real estate of Sarah Darling, Leverett, Susan Gould, Erving. Widow's allowance - made in estate of John Arms, late of Gill, $$350; David Scott, late of Whately, $500; George A. Bates, late of Gill, $164. Inventories filed - in estates of Cephas Clapp, late of Deerfield, $21,829; Curtis Chapin, Bernardston, $3904; Betsey G. Clapp, Montague, $824; William Pike, New Salem, $319; Zephaniah Richmond, Buckland, $600; Ephraim E. Robinson, Sunderland, $15,586.

/ Affidavits filed - in estate of Eugene Y. Bixby, Sunderland, Betsey G. Clapp, Montague, Urania D. Robinson, Sunderland, S.F. Wells of Deerfield.

/ Partition of real estate ordered in Curtis Chapin estate, Bernardston; Henry Slate, P.L. Cushman, S.B. Hoyt, commissioners. Partition of real estate ordered in Timothy Graves estate, Sunderland, John R. Smith, Albert Hobart, George W. Graves, Cmrs. Estate of Eugene Y. Bixby, late of Sunderland, represented insolvent, J.P. Felton, B.S. Parker, Comrs. Next Probate Court at Northfield on the 2nd Tues. of May.

Subjects: Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Children, Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Erving (MA), Family, Gill (MA), Greenfield (MA), Households, Law and Lawyers, Leverett (MA), Montague (MA), Mourning Customs, Names, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Obituaries, Orphans and Orphanages, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA), Shutesbury (MA), Sunderland (MA), Whately (MA)

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 10, 1875
Golden wedding

A very pleasant gathering took place at the house of Samuel P. Rice and wife of Orange Sat. aft. May 1. About 120 of their friends gathered to offer their hearty congratulations on the 50th anniversary of their marriage, and enjoy a social time together...a few earnest words by...Genevieve Gilmore; after which excellent remarks were made by Mr. Grover of Orange, Mr. Morrison of Cooleyville and Alexander Felton, Esq. of Warwick...The following poem was read by Miss Zora Briggs, a niece of Mrs. Rice: "Just 50 years ago today...", etc.

/ Some very fine instrumental music was furnished by Danforth Putnam and William Clark, violinists, and Frank Crowl, cornet, accompanied by Miss Mayolta Crowl at the organ...Although they have never been blessed with children of their own, they have brought up quite a number, 4 of whom were present...By One who was There.

Subjects: Children, Family, Food, Households, Literature / Web Pages, Marriage and Elopement, Massachusetts, Music, Names, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Parties, Poetry, Women

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, April 26, 1875
Hampshire county items

The late Samuel White of Plainfield was the father of 17 children. He attained the great age of 94, having lived with his wife 64 years. Living about 2 miles from the church, he was regular in his attendance, and uniformly an attentive listener. Even after his 90th year, he might be seen passing to the sanctuary on foot, usually preferring to walk than to ride. Fond of music, having a good voice and ear, he was at one period of his life leader of the choir. Son of the foregoing, living on the same place, Orson White is a rare performer on the violin, known on the hills as the Ole Bull of Western Massachusetts [named after a famous Norwegian violinist ] whose services, by means of his instrument, has contributed much to the acceptable performances of the choir. His daughter, Mrs. Theodore Shaw of Springfield, has a very superior soprano voice, well cultivated, and his grand-daughter gives indication of being no less distinguished for musical talent. It should be added that Lucinda White, an adopted son of Orson [That's what it says, son], possesses unusual musical abilities, able to play on 4 or 5 instruments, another member of the Plainfield choir.

Subjects: Animals / Reptiles, Family, Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Marriage and Elopement, Massachusetts, Music, Names, Obituaries, Old Age, Orphans and Orphanages, Plainfield (MA), Religion, Show Business, Transportation, Women, Work, Europe

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, April 12, 1875
Probate Court record

Greenfield, April 6 - Administration granted - on estate of John Arms, Gill, Nelson Burrows, Adm'r.; Avery Clapp, Montague, William W. Thayer, Adm'r.; Jonathan H. Cary, New Salem, Daniel R. Streeter, Fitchburg, Adm'r.; A. Lovice Oakes, Orange, George E. Priest, Adm'r.; Mary Purple, Gill, Nelson Burrows, Adm'r.; Sarah Ann Rice, Buckland, Edwin Poulton, Adm'r.

/ Wills proved - Seorem Cushman, Bernardston, P.L. Cushman, Ex'r.; Cephas Clapp, Deerfield, Austin DeWolf, Greenfield, Ex'r.; Mary E. Giffen, Orange, Rachel Goddard, Ex'x.; Elizabeth C. Gray, Sunderland, John R. Smith, Ex'r.; Polly C. Howes, Ashfield, Mark H. Vincent, Hawley, Ex'r.; Urania D. Robinson, Sunderland, Horace Lyman, Ex'r.; Calvin T. Swan, Northfield, George B. Swan, Potsdam, N.Y., Ex'r.; Asaulah Sears, Ashfield, Edwin Sears, Ex'r.; Baron Stow, Conway, Henry W. Billings, Ex'r.

/ Guardians appointed - Charles W. Billings, Deerfield, over Fanny O. Beals, Conway; Oren Streeter, Shelburne, over Frank Loveland, Montague; Austin D. Sheldon, Northfield, over Abby J. Sheldon; David W. Snow, Coleraine, over Walter D. Thompson, Troy, Ohio; Nathaniel Lamson and Flora Lamson, Shelburne, over Emily E. Thompson; Thomas S. Dickinson, Conway, over Heroine Stow.

/ Accounts rendered - on estate of John Barnard and Leonard Harwood, Deerfield; Abner Chandler, Montague, James Dwyer, Leyden; Asa Dole and Caroline M. Hunter, Shelburne; Fanny Delvy, Warwick; Lawsop H. Donelson and Malinda Johnson, Coleraine; Henry Sheldon, Northfield; Caroline Temple, Orange.

/ License granted to sell real estate - of Nancy S. Abbott, Ashfield; Albert E. Barber, Coleraine; Alanson Chapin, Bernardston; George C. Gale, Charlemont; Leonard Harwood, Deerfield; Ephraim Murdock, Orange; James M. Reynolds, Erving.

/ Widow's allowance made - in estate of John Barnard, Deerfield, $49; James M. Reynolds, Erving, $375. Inventories filed - in estate of Jane H. Ames, Greenfield, $6616; Clarissa Battle, Orange, $4515; Amos Dexter, Erving, $1599; Caroline A. Morgan, Greenfield, $6769; John C. Peters, Deerfield, $636; Urania D. Robinson, Sunderland, $4046; David Scott, Whately, $9872; H.H. Taylor, Greenfield, $11,400; Octavia H. Warner, Sunderland, $1070.

/ Affidavits filed - in estate of Clarissa Battle, Orange; Albert Bullard, Wendell; Albert E. Barber, Coleraine; Allen Eason, Leyden; Timothy Graves, William Warner and Octavia H. Warner, Sunderland; Moses Underwood, Heath.

/ S.P. Stratton, C. Hilliard, S.G. Pratt, commissioners to partition estate of Azubah Stacy, late of Gill; Robert Abercrombie, Seth Field, Lyman G. Barton, Commissioners to partition estate of Aaron Fuller, late of Deerfield.

/ Estate of John Barnard, late of Deerfield, represented insolvent. Next Probate Court at Greenfield on the 1st Tues. of May.

Subjects: Ashfield (MA), Bernardston (MA), Buckland (MA), Charlemont (MA), Coleraine [now Colrain] (MA), Conway (MA), Courts, Deerfield (MA), Economics, Erving (MA), Family, Gill (MA), Greenfield (MA), Law and Lawyers, Massachusetts, Montague (MA), Mourning Customs, Names, New Salem (MA), Northfield (MA), Obituaries, Orange (MA), Orphans and Orphanages, Sales, Shelburne and Shelburne Falls (MA)

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Gazette & Courier - Monday, April 5, 1875
Hampshire County items

Somebody left a mulatto baby about 4 months old in a Northampton farmer's sleigh on Mon. night, and after it was taken to the Poor Farm it was found the little foundling had been heavily drugged. It finally recovered after being unconscious 48 hours.

Subjects: African-Americans / Blacks, Child Abuse, Children, Drug Abuse, Farmers & Farming / Flowers, Hampshire / Hampden Counties, Lost and Found, Orphans and Orphanages, Poor, Racism, Transportation

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