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Gazette & Courier
Posted by stew - Mon, Dec 1, 2008

Gazette & Courier - Monday, May 10, 1875
A sad sequel to an unhappy married life

The sad story of the death of Mrs. Anna Curtis, soprano of the Church of the Atonement in New York from the effects of an abortion, and of her previous unhappy intimacy with Benjamin Gregory, the organist of the church, has a sequel equally sad. Her husband, Tyler Curtis, who was in San Francisco at the time of her death, received the sad event from a telegram asking him what should be done with his wife's body. He hurriedly telegraphed to have the body placed in a receiving vault until his arrival. While packing up his effects preparatory to leaving San Francisco, he got an evening paper in which he read with grieved amazement the story of his wife's shame. Dazed and heartbroken, he took the train for New York, where he arrived on Apr. 8. The sudden shock to his feelings was too much for him to bear, and he sank rapidly, dying on Thurs. from grief and prostration under the blow which he had received. [For more on this story, see the New York Times article of March 19, 1875 entitled "Mrs. Tyler Curtis' Funeral"].

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